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Fractalized NanoWhale-1037 viewsI began by extracting one particular sub-object from one of the seed images. I then isolated the object, added a few modifications, and imported it into Fractal Explorer, where I made it semi-transparent and merged it with a fractal picture that I custom-designed for this project. The final stages of work primarily involved color selections, with a few other small adjustments thrown in.
I think there are some strong natural relationships between the nano-world and fractals. For future NanoArt activities, I would suggest publicizing the events more widely among communities of artists who work with fractals, and providing sample images that contain a wider variety of the fractal-like features that frequently appear at nanoscopic scales.
NanoPendant-1011 viewsEssentially, this is a design for a piece of jewelry; the fragment of “nano-material” from one of the seed images is placed inside a metal frame (taken from one of the pictures in my online gallery at Ganoksin), and the result is a pendant. Of course, building this object in the real world would require some adaptive changes. . . .
Increasing connections between NanoArt and traditional 3D physical-world artists—jewelers, sculptors, etc.—would present enormous opportunities for drawing more attention to NanoArt and for expanding the varieties of NanoArt that could be produced.
Quasi-Analysis of the NanoFlower-980 viewsThe central feature from the Nanoflower seed image has been placed into the program GeoGebra and surrounded with superficially impressive alphanumeric nonsense. In Microsoft Paint—and with a certain amount of serendipity—the colors around the periphery of the image were modified from their original GeoGebra shades.
GeoGebra is one of many programs that were originally designed for mathematical applications but which have important and untapped artistic possibilities. NanoArt is an area where these math/art tools could get a real workout.
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