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Home > NanoArt 2012 Exhibition > Galina Strukova, Russia, 2012
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Mashrooms, Brooms, and Shells at Micro and Nano Scales.jpg
Mushrooms, Brooms, and Shells at Micro and Nano Scales-2013 viewsAs a continuation of work on metal and alloy ―plants synthesis on porous membranes by means of pulsed current electroplating volume metallic microstructures resembling such natural objects as shells, cabbage leaves, mushrooms are grown and presented in their modest elegance. Such structures are formed from PdNi and PdCo alloys as well as Ag, Cu and Ni in conditions defined by the shape of membrane pores and the parameters of the pulsed current. It is shown that the obtained complex structures are formed by layers of metallic nanowires as a result of their self-assembly while growing during the pulsed current electroplating process.
Nanobroom-1891 views“Broom” growth from the “shell” center. The “shell” walls are formed by the conical nanowire bundles. Such “brooms” growing from different sites were observed among the diverse bulk Pd-Ni structures on membranes with disordered pore.
nanofeathers and nanothorns.jpg
NanoFeathers and NanoThorns-1878 viewsA bunch of Pb8In92 alloy nanowires developed into a skeletal-type structure with sharp feathers crowned with thorns.
Nanoflowers-12948 viewsOrdered volume submicron surface structures “nanoflowers”— are obtained while growing metal nanowires in porous membranes by means of pulsed current electroplating.
Nanoshells-12794 viewsDifferently programmed electroplating process allows growing certain variants of shells: openwork opened and half opened shells, blooming flower, cup, brimmed hat or cabbage leaves.
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