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Home > NanoArt 2012 Exhibition > Steven Pollard, USA, 2012
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Puzzle-271 viewsI simply wanted to be free. I wanted something, but that something, had to be something that I only wanted for myself, and that I could do by myself, at that time. I didn’t know how to gain my freedom or even what to do with it if I had it. The only discovery I made was that to have a discovery at all put me ahead of all the others and opened doors that I didn’t even know were there. If there were a wrong direction that was the one I had been on. The further I had gone, the longer it took me to get back.
Canyons-314 viewsThe young woman had arrived early in the day at the Old New England Town. She was so quaint that I wanted her frozen. But I didn’t want to freeze her for all eternity, of course. All I really wanted was to break the pace long enough to help point out to her life's unqualified lessons. Those of us who are lucky enough to live into old age know the passions do not last for ever. The only reason we are alive is because we took the time to survive these tasks. I wanted to remind her how hard it was going to be. The tight rope that we walked along through life was very small and any misstep could cause a fatal fall.
Transformers-265 viewsIt was God’s honest truth and I was telling it as faithfully as I could. It was all in one’s frame of mind and that frame could change from second to second as one goes through life. This thought hit me like a bolt of lightning and I was astounded that I was still breathing! It turned out to be a great day and yet, in many people’s minds, this made me a sick person. Someone tried to tell me that it wasn'’t physical violence that was making me sick but that I hadn't learned to obey the simple rules of society.
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