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Home > NanoArt 2012 Exhibition > Laima J. Mikaliukas, USA, 2012
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_purple of cassius_72.jpg
'purple of casius'-344 viewsLearning about what a 'nanotransformer' is and it's function has been equally as interesting as, playing with graphic applications to create a new perspective image of the nanosculpture created be Cris Orfescu. Layering, eliminating layers, and overlaying objects began to meld into the layering of knowledge about nano transformers. First, I filtered the image using Photoshop rough pastel filter. Increasingly, feeling the urge to pick up some pastels and paper to draw out the image manually, create a layer of these carbon molecules on paper. Thinking of metallic nanoparticles and surfaces, lead me to include an image of a pewter holloware bowl. I imagine someone with appropriate technology has or could do an electron microscan of the surface of the bowl. Burning the image layers and re-synthesizing them create this final image. Adjusting and adding a color fill to indicate the 'purple of casius'. The reflective light occurs from a flash on the reflective polished surface of the pewter bowl.
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