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Home > NanoArt 2011 Exhibition > Pilar Ruiz-Azuara, Mexico, 2011
TITLE  +   -     FILE NAME  +   -     DATE  +   - 
Alien-703 viewsFrom one seed image (Bird Nest), different layers were generated considering aspects like form, color and texture. After blending them the result is a new subject, the Alien.
Dragons-629 viewsWith one seed image, two different images were created and combined including some 3D effects to create a window in the dragonís sky.
Expansion-681 viewsIn this case, besides the former procedures with two seed images, fractals and 3D effects were introduced in order to create an expanding cubic world.
Fragments-695 viewsWith the three seed images, this image was generated looking for textures.
Mixture-692 viewsWith 3 seed images, each one with different color, a preliminary compound was generated. Then, introducing 3D effects to produce movement, the result is this Mixture, an abstract composition with the color contributions of the primary images.
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