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Home > NanoArt 2011 Exhibition > Lisa Black, USA, 2011
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in the fields.jpg
In the Fields-656 viewsDigital—using Photoshop Elements 9 tools, the same as those in “In the Open Air.” The series of NanoArt images were created
about the same time, thus the similarities seen. The Nanoweb seed was used in this image.
in the open air #2.jpg
In the Open Air-676 viewsDigital—Using Photoshop_Elements 9 tools—the Marquee and lasso tools to define shapes and the color chart with the “paint bucket” to complete the image using Cris Orfescu’s Bird Nest seed image.
river rush.jpg
River Rush-639 viewsDigital Image — Using Photoshop Elements tools in collaboration with Cris Orfescus’ seed image Bird_Nest. I began by drawing the red line with a narrow brush to make shapes that were filled with color using the color chart and the paint bucket. Colors were chosen by referring to Johannes Itten’s book called “Color.” Grey areas showing are from the original seed image. The final image appears to me to be a rushing river...thus the title.
spring mosaic #4.jpg
Spring Mosaic-626 viewsDigital—Using Photoshop Elements 9 and the Nanoweb / NanoArt seed image from Cris Orfescu. The tools in Photoshop allow one infinite possibilities in creating a new image. Working with the underlying web this image looks very much like mosaic. The colors are springlike...thus the title.
winter mosaic #5.jpg
Winter Mosaic-623 viewsDigital—using Photoshop Elements 9 and the Nanoweb / NanoArt seed image. A twin to Spring Mosaic except for the darker winter hues.
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