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Home > NanoArt 2011 Exhibition > Jean Constant, USA, 2011
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001 - Drifting over Draco-657 viewsFrom an original by Cris Orfescu. The texture of the original plate brings to mind images of a very ancient matter such as the one we can see in pictures of distant planets. Note on the left sphere the unretouched original of Orfescu's template.
002-Kachina-song-653 viewsOrfescu's original reminded me of the mineral formation close-ups we often see in the hills of New Mexico. It inspired almost naturally a Navajo-like design. I kept untouched elements of the original plates in the 4 rectangles in the center piece to add to the symbiosis between the two worlds.
003-3D-Goya's Spell-654 viewsThe configuration of the bird nest was intriguing and challenging because of sharp angles and high contrast. To evaluate the graphic in its entirety, I created a Drosde effect - which somehow brought to mind a comparison with distorted screaming figures in some of Goya's paintings. The 3D effect is created by overlaying red and green distortion of the original plate. Since I am not expecting the viewer to put 3D glasses for this project, I randomly selected the distance between the two colors to allow the effect to happen - like when seeing a 3D movie without glasses - the center being in focus - the edges becoming more and more blurred as you go.
004 - Neo-Necromicon - (The genesis of the Phoenix's rebirth)-658 viewsOne of the most powerful aspect of nano iconography is the realization that it has been present in the artist's mind for ages and inspired difficult but powerful representation. Using mirroring, layering and duplication, I found in the original template material that brought to life an iconography that could have inspired Necromicon like graphic and other unsettling images perceived then under a different light - as today we benefit from objective knowledge coming from scientific observation.
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