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aMaze-896 viewsUsing Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Cris Orfescu’s Nanoflower seed image, many computer tools were used to create this example of NanoArt. It was an adventure combining shapes of color with the paint bucket and lines of different sizes with a variety of Adobe “brushes.”The strong diagonal adds to the power of the piece. The image makes me think of a maze~~~thus the title “aMaze.” White interacts with the bright colors making them appear even brighter. It was applied with a large Adobe “brush.” The colors are a joy to work with because of their vividness and liveliness.
Color Play-911 viewsFilled with brilliant color, the title “Color Play” precisely describes this image. The shapes were created using the paint bucket tool in the Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 program along with the lasso tool. Adobe brushes created the lines. The use of hot and cold colors account for the dynamism of this piece. The strong diagonal adds to its power. I used Cris Orfescu’s seed image “Nanoflowers” in this and three other NanoArt images. Building this work was joyous. Layer upon layer of different shades achieved the look I desired.
I am a member of Facebook and find it is a fine tool for spreading the word about NanoArt and the Competition. My images can be seen there with a few comments by other “Friends.”_Sometime I would like to have a little local show of my own NanoArt. This is my fourth competition so I have quite a few images of my own.
Frenzy-856 views”Frenzy” is just what this image is about with its darting lines and circular shapes intertwined. Red and Purple seem to be in a classic fight for power. Which one wins?? It’s in the eye of the beholder. Adobe Photoshop elements 6 has wonderful tools to be able to make such an image. You just use the mouse and click on the tool you want. The image constantly changes and goes through many transformations before the picture is complete in my view. There could be as many as ten transformations. And then the right one emerges~~after much “frenzy.” The computer has such brilliant colors to work with it’s hard to keep one’s “cool.” This was based on Cris Orfescu’s Nanoflower seed~one I used four times in this series with completely different results.
The NanoArt Competition is a wonderful addition to the Internet. One can see all the different approaches the artists take in response to Cris Orfescu’s Seed Images. It is fascinating to see the variety of work entered. And some artists make their own seed images which makes it even more interesting.
Graffiti-858 viewsUsing Photoshop Elements 6 and the seed image “Anchored” by Cris Orfescu I used many computer tools to create this image. The color tool is used in concert with the paint bucket to fill in forms. The rectangular tool defines the color spaces. Then Adobe brushes are used to add linear touches in assorted colors. Black appears using the fresco tool. The resulting image reminds me of graffiti painted on city walls. It’s always a challenge to use Cris Orfescu’s images!!
This is the fourth year I have been an entrant in the NanoArt Competition. Each year brings new challenges because the seed images are different each time. One day I would like to make my own seed images.
She and He-857 viewsFor me this is an amusing image. The title “She and He” refer to the two large shapes in the picture. On the top left is” She”~~ on the top left “He.” A portrait of the two. Strange looking as they are. The palette is quieter than I generally use. I like the combination of purple, yellow and white. They show a softer quality than most of my work. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 and Cris Orfescu’s Nanoflower seed image this was created using the paint bucket, the rectangle and the fresco filter. The shapes of the two faces dominate the image and are very modern and quirky looking.
This is the last in my series of five images. It was a challenging job but fun to come up with new works which I would not have otherwise done. I hope NanoArt will continue to grow and that there will be more competitions in the future.
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