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Anna Ursyn, USA - NanoArt International 7

Anna Ursyn creates art, teaches and often gets inspiration from her conference related work. She explores the dynamic factor of line. Processes in nature and events in technology inspire her images.

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Bjoern Daempfling, Germany - NanoArt International 7

Dr. Björn Dämpfling grew up in Northern Germany, he lives and works since 1969 in Berlin/Germany. In 1983/4 and 1987-91 he lived in the USA. He was spending 2/3 of his time on science, and 1/3 on art. For the last 10 years, art is his main profession. He exhibits worldwide, like London, New York, and Beijing. Identifiable but unpredictable, even for himself, every new image has to prove the core value of creativity for him: freedom of creation, newness, and being recognizable at the same time, based on complexity and quality of composition. "In creating NanoArt I am always quite happy being provided with images to work with, because finding myself the best fitting image for my purpose or just taking material as an inspiration for something in need of a commentary to find its nano roots, wouldn't do it for me. It is like a non-physical material to be used like a physical one, like wood for a wood-cut, which develops into a piece of art, not by hiding its given structures, but by enhancing, twisting, coloring and using dozens of plates. That's what I do, most of the 'ab-using' filters, layering dozens of times and painting digitally into the images. The titles for my NanoArt works are taken from the works of H.P. Lovecraft."

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David Derr, USA - NanoArt International 7

"Humanity is composed of creative explorers and symbol makers. We have been this way since the beginnings of our existence as a race and before. This is the cornerstone of what it is to be a thinking human being. My goal has always been to create works that contain the essences of good poetry. A balance of opposites, in a style that is recognizable, yet not necessarily realistic. I find the most effective way of doing this is by using a pseudo primitive style which on the surface seems simple, but in reality resonates deeper emotions." Derr’s works have won numerous awards and have been exhibited internationally. His works have been included in; Gallery and Studio Magazine, Photoshop User, and Digital Fine Arts Magazine. He was recently commissioned by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra to created a painted violin for their annual Art String Initiative.

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David Hylton, USA - NanoArt International 7

David Hylton is a Southern-California based artist and his work has been exhibited in numerous international, national and regional exhibitions. His work has been featured in such exhibitions as the EuroNanoForum Fourth International Conference at the Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic; Digital 09: Mysteries in Science at the New York Hall of Science; Digital 10: Planet Earth at the New York Hall of Science and The Science Exchange Building, Adelaide, Australia; InterFACES New Media Art Exhibit, National Art Gallery of Malaysia; Siggraph Traveling Art Show (Ecole du Louvre, Salon d¢ Automne, and the Cite des Sciences et de l¢Industrie in Paris, France and the Cleveland Museum of Art, USA). In addition, his artwork has been included in The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project. Hylton is a Professor at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. "I find nanotechnology fascinating as it is on the verge of completely reshaping our world with the strides being made in science and medicine. It also offers artists new insights on an aspect of nature that would otherwise be left unseen. Indispensable are the tools (electron microscope) which allow us to see the smallest facets of our world and thus provide the artist the ability to envision and create new worlds."

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Enio Longo, Brazil - NanoArt International 7

Enio Longo, a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Birth 1953. Degree in Visual Communications FAAP. Jobs: Federal University of São Carlos-SP, CENAFOR-National Center for Vocational Training, Ministry of Finance of the State of São Paulo, Revista Planeta - Editora Três, Revista Capricho - Editora Abril Revista Contigo - Editora Abril, creates a communication company LPC visual Visual: Acting in advisory business of visual communication to: INCTMN-UNESP, Ford Company of Brazil, Philips Brazil, CIE, Brastemp, GabMed.

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Frances Geesin, UK - NanoArt International 7

Frances Geesin trained in painting and woven textiles and gained her Doctorate at the Royal College of Art in 1995. Her research into conductive fibres and materials were incorporated in a collaborative project with the ‘Design for Life’ team at Brunel University facilitating a ‘Talking Waistcoat’ for the disabled. This was followed by a three-year consultancy with Philips Research where her discoveries laid the foundations for their work with wearable electronics. The electroplating of textiles has become her signature and with her partner Ron Geesin they made three interactive body responsive sound and light textile panels for The Challenge of Materials Gallery at the Science Museum in London.
She is currently working with scientists exploring Nanotechnology and interpreting their electron microscopic images, contributing through her practice to demystifying nano science.

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Janis Kirstein, USA - NanoArt International 7

"I am a visual artist, predominantly an abstract painter, with a background in Painting and Drawing. I am also a high school art teacher. I have been involved in photography and computer art for about the last five years. I received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1981, and studied painting and writing at Indiana University, Bloomington and at the University of Louisville in Kentucky where I received my bachelor’s degree."

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Jean Constant, USA - NanoArt International 7

Jean Constant was for several years the Visual Communication & Media Technology program acting director at the Northern New Mexico College, NM and is now dedicating his time to the European Society for Mathematics and Art and his own research. He is active participant in various Science and Art project and participates in many aspect of the promotion of the visual arts to bridge the relationship between Science and Art in the US and abroad.

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Joe Nalven, USA - NanoArt Interational 7

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Pilar-Ruiz Azuara, Mexico - NanoArt International 7

Pilar was born in the Dominican Republic (1943). She is resident of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. She has a Doctorate in Sciences (Physics) from UNAM (1979) and also studied Art at the UABC Art School and House of Culture in Ensenada (2001-2008). Oil painting and Digital Art are her favorite media of expression. The relationships between human beings and their environment –physical, economical, social and/or political –and fractals are her most exciting themes. Her works have been exhibited in Mexico, France, Germany, Denmark, U.S.A, Italy and Spain. Online in NanoArt 2007, NanoArt 2008, NanoArt 2009-2010. She considers a challenge to develop NanoArt works. This is a new area, very broad. In the future, she thinks that some divisions have to be created. It is difficult to compare the different types of artworks that one can produce with the nanoimages. In 2011, the objective was to generate images with no restrictions. Form, color and texture from the 3 original seed nanoimages were explored. In some cases, additional fractal and 3D effects were included.

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Renata Spiazzi, USA - NanoArt International 7

"Born in Italy, I have been involved in the arts all my life. Moved to the States in 1952, taught at the San Diego Community Colleges all the arts and crafts and when I retired I was introduced to the computer. When I discovered the potential of the digital tool I decided that I did not want to do an oil painting, a watercolor of even a wood cut. I wanted to take advantage of what the computer had to offer. Fascinated by filters, and then fractal programs, I started making compositions using the non objective images given to me by fractals fragments and a new world opened up for me. I am completely taken by fractals now, and I compare my compositions to music. It is not what it looks like, but what it makes you feel when you look at it!
NanoArt competition is a very stimulating procedure and learning experience that can be applied to any work.”

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Ricardo Tranquilin, Brazil - NanoArt International 7

Ricardo Tranquilin was born in 1979, SP, Brazil. He graduated in 2005 in chemistry from the Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil), today is a Ph.D. student at the State University of São Paulo - (Unesp) in materials science and technology. Since 2006 has been working with electron microscopy. In addition, working with visual arts and is interested in combining nanotechnology with works of art. His works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally (NanoArt21 show in San Sebastian, Spain during the PASSION FOR KNOWLEDGE-Festival) It works in partnership with scientists from the National Institute of science and technology for nanomaterials (INCTMN), the development of materials science and nanotechnology and assisting the interpretation of the Field Emission Gun Electron Microscopy / (FEG) images.

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Robyn Ellenbogen, USA - NanoArt International 7

Childhood memories suggest that sensations captured my mind and spirit. I was drawn to the darkness of the night sky, the smoothness of surfaces, and the play of light and pattern that appeared when I closed my eyes. Time and memory play an important role in my work. I aspire to translate these feelings, perceptions, and sensations into something palpable, fluid , intimating the process by which formlessness becomes form. I work in varied formats, drawings, paintings, books, digital imagery, photography and sculpture, all based in an abstract language.

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Teja Krasek, Slovenia - NanoArt International 7

Matjuska Teja Krasek holds a B.A. degree in painting from Arthouse - College for Visual Arts, Ljubljana, and is a freelance artist who lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her theoretical as well as practical work is especially focused on symmetry as a linking concept between art and science, on filling a plane with geometrical shapes, especially those constituting Penrose tilings. The author's interest is focused on the shapes' inner relations, on the relations between the shapes and between them and a regular pentagon. Krasek's artworks also illustrate certain properties as golden mean relations, selfsimilarity, ten- and fivefold symmetry, Fibonacci sequence, inward infinity and perceptual ambiguity. She employs contemporary computer technology as well as classical painting techniques.

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Random pictures - NanoArt International Online Exhibition - 7th Edition  
Enio Longo-Delicate Sound Of Thunder Barium Calcium Titanate-image copyright UNESP UFSCar-nanoart.jpg
Pilar Ruiz-Dancing-nanoart.png
Pilar Ruiz-Fragility-nanoart.png
Robyn Ellenbogen-crystalformations2-nanoart.jpg
David Hylton-Mimesis-nanoart.jpg
Robyn Ellenbogen-Root Formations-nanoart.jpg
David Hylton-Nexus-nanoart.jpg
Pilar Ruiz-Climatic Change-nanoart.png

Last additions - NanoArt International Online Exhibition - 7th Edition  
Teja Krasek-Nano Medusas Dancing InTheSunset-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Robyn Ellenbogen-Root Formations-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Robyn Ellenbogen-crystalformations2-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Robyn Ellenbogen-CrystalFormations-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Ricardo Tranquilin-Unexpected discovery-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Ricardo Tranquilin-Equilibrium-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Ricardo Tranquilin-Deep beauty-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015
Renata Spiazzi-Reflection at the beach-nanoart.jpg
Jul 21, 2015