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NanoArt 2008 WinnersTop 10 artists in the 2008 NanoArt Online International Competition 10 40
Jan Schmoranzer 2008

Jan Schmoranzer is currently a group leader and head of BioImaging facility at the Molecular Cancer Research Center of Charite Berlin. He earned his Master degree in physicist from Germany, pursued his Ph.D. in cellular biophysics at Rockefeller University, New York and his postdoctoral research in cell biology at Columbia University, New York. There he has made significant impact by building a novel type of microscope to visualize in real-time how cells secrete molecules from the inside to the outside, and how cells ‘orient’ toward certain biochemical cues on a molecular basis, both processes that are essential for all cell types. Beside his research he has developed vivid interest in the visual arts: he had multiple exhibitions in photography and all of the micrographs displayed here received awards in international microscopy competitions. “Seeing the beauty of cellular structures, like microtubules, after many hours of tiring and repetitive lab-work often gives me the kick to go on. I am glad that scientist like me receive public attention for display of scientific imagery and I am excited to expand on projects like ‘Cell Portraits’ by exploring different cellular structures and cell types. I believe that visualizing science – the process of research as well as its end products – will gain importance in the future, not only to draw attention to a particular scientific subject, but also for science education itself.”

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 16, 2009

Chris Robinson 2008

Chris Robinson is a visual artist who is interested in the role and meaning of science and technology in contemporary culture and how it assists in and influences cultural decision-making. He is a senior and co-principal investigator on National Science Foundation funded multi-disciplinary research teams investigating the broader impacts, societal implications, and role of images in nanoscience/technology. Robinson teaches 3D and digital imaging in the Department of Art at the University of South Carolina, but is spending the Spring 2009 living and working in Pisa, Italy. His work over the years has ranged from the early use of computers in the arts to laser installations, aviation and space development, scientific exploration, and complex drawings of digital spaces. Robinson crosses the two cultures and exhibits, writes, and presents at national and international venues and conferences in the arts and sciences.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 14, 2009

Frances Geesin 2008

Dr. Frances Geesin is Reader in Textiles & Materials at The London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London. She is a researcher / textile artist and Artistic Advisor to the Institute of Nanotechnology and (Hon FIoN). In 2003 she was awarded The Arts Foundation Fellowship for Textile Design. Her research into conductive fibres and materials were incorporated in a collaborative project with the ‘Design for Life’ team at Brunel University facilitating a ‘Talking Waistcoat’ for the disabled. This was followed by a three-year consultancy with Philips Research where her discoveries laid the foundations for their work with wearable electronics. The electroplating of textiles has become her signature and with her partner Ron Geesin they made three interactive sound and light textile panels for The Challenge of Materials Gallery at the Science Museum. She has exhibited and lectured in the UK, Europe and Japan: the exhibitions 'Revelation - Textile artists addressing issues’ and 'Through The Surface' both toured the UK concluding at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; ‘Artists at Work - New Technology in Textile and Fibre Art’, Prato, Italy; She is currently working with scientists exploring Nanotechnology, exhibiting and interpreting their electron microscopic images, contributing through her practice to demystifying nano science.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 21, 2009

Elena Lucia Constantinescu 2008

I am a scientist in cellular biology domain. I have come to digital art after many years of working with the microscope in my lab. I was always fascinated by the spectacular microworld and, using the image processing software for my micrographs, I was astonished by the countless posibilites offered by digital technology to turn the photos into artistic images. And I started to draw…

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 12, 2009

Philip Brun Del Re 2008

I am a junior at Western Michigan University, currently working on completing my Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. This summer I plan on studying abroad and acquiring knowledge of how different societies act and react with one another. I am interested in a multitude of scientific theories in relation to metaphysics, anthropology, and psychology. The image I have entered deals with some of these concepts and challenges the way and scale in which we view uncommon or unidentifiable images.

1 pictures, last one added on Dec 22, 2008

David Hylton 2008

David Hylton is a Southern-California based digital artist and his work has been exhibited in numerous international, national and regional exhibitions. His work has been featured in such exhibitions as the Siggraph Traveling Art Show (Ecole du Louvre, Salon d¢ Automne, and the Cite des Sciences et de l¢Industrie in Paris, France and the Cleveland Museum of Art, USA), PX3: Prix de la Photographie, Beecher Center Digital Art Exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art; Field of Vision: Extremes, Institute for New Media, Frankfurt, Germany; The Ultimate Eye Foundation; InterFaces New Media Art Exhibit, National Art Gallery of Malaysia; The Melbourne Digital Fringe Festival at the Melbourne Museum of Art; M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto International Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, Argentina and Digitally Propelled Ideas. In addition, his artwork has been included in The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project. Hylton is an Associate Professor at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 14, 2009

Renata Spiazzi 2008

Born in Italy, I have been involved in the arts all my life. Moved to the States in 1952, taught at the San Diego Community Colleges all the arts and crafts and when I retired I was introduced to the computer. When I discovered the potential of the digital tool I decided that I did not want to do an oil painting, a watercolor of even a wood cut. I wanted to take advantage of what the computer had to offer. Fascinated by filters, and then fractal programs, I started making compositions using the non objective images given to me by fractals fragments and a new world opened up for me. I am completely taken by fractals now, and I compare my compositions to music. It is not what it looks like, but what it makes you feel when you look at it!

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 13, 2009

Carol Cooper 2008

Carol Cooper is a Digital Fine Artist based in Northern Ontario, Canada and has been creating art digitally since 2001. She incorporates many facets of mathematical art, "Fractals & Geometric forms", as well as abstract elements into her works. Carol is not afraid of bold colour, and is known to use it with wild abandon.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 08, 2009

Eva Lewarne 2008

Born in Poland and living presently in Canada, graduate of OCAD, she has always painted and photographed interesting scenes and places. When she learned Photoshop she could really play with her art..including painting, photos and digital manipulations. In the last few of years, she has received a Medal from France in a Painting Festival in Avignon (Grand Prix). Everything interests Eva, especially how life, art and technology can live happily together...

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 14, 2009

Teja Krasek 2008

Matjuska Teja Krasek holds a B.A. degree in painting from Arthouse - College for Visual Arts, Ljubljana, and is a freelance artist who lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her theoretical as well as practical work is especially focused on symmetry as a linking concept between art and science, on filling a plane with geometrical shapes, especially those constituting Penrose tilings. The author's interest is focused on the shapes' inner relations, on the relations between the shapes and between them and a regular pentagon. Krasek's artworks also illustrate certain properties as golden mean relations, selfsimilarity, ten- and fivefold symmetry, Fibonacci sequence, inward infinity and perceptual ambiguity. She employs contemporary computer technology as well as classical painting techniques.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 15, 2009




NanoArt 2008 ArtistsParticipating artists at the 2008 NanoArt Online International Competition 24 65
Chelsea Popa 2008

NanoArt 2008 participating artist album

1 pictures, last one added on Dec 22, 2008

David Derr 2008

Humanity is composed of creative explorers and symbol makers. We have been this way since the beginnings of our existence as a race and before. This is the cornerstone of what it is to be a thinking human being. My goal has always been to create works that contain the essences of good poetry. A balance of opposites, in a style that is recognizable, yet not necessarily realistic. I find the most effective way of doing this is by using a pseudo primitive style which on the surface seems simple, but in reality resonates deeper emotions. Derr’s works have won numerous awards and have been exhibited internationally. His works have been included in; Gallery and Studio Magazine, Photoshop User, and Digital Fine Arts Magazine. He was recently commissioned by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra to created a painted violin for their annual Art String Initiative.

4 pictures, last one added on Jan 15, 2009

Eric Greene 2008

I currently live in Kalamazoo, attending Western Michigan University. I am completing my forth year majoring in Industrial Design. There are many styles of art which plays influence in my work. Not limited to Digital art, my passions touch in sketching, paint, pastel, etc. The majority of my designs, materials and mediums are choose along with being ecologically concise.

1 pictures, last one added on Jan 21, 2009

J'Sha 2008

I create extremely small art works. They are as small as 40 microns tall. More than 100 of these can fit on a pin head. They have details on the nanoscale. The works are made with a process I invented called nanoentonography. I originally developed the process for anticounterfeiting. After doing more complex pieces for industrial use, I decided to create artworks using the technique. The most complex works take months to create.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 16, 2009

Sarah Knapp 2008

I am a Senior at Western Michigan University. I am working towards a BFA in painting. My medium of choice is oil paint and right now I just love exploring color in my paintings.

1 pictures, last one added on Dec 22, 2008

Scott McManus 2008

I was born and raised in Detroit, in a the big city of Troy. I am a sophomore attending Western Michigan University, I am in the Frostic School of Art. This year I am completing my goal by applying for the Graphic Design School and Begin my Graphic career, I am also a Photography Minor and ready to set sail on my goals in life.

1 pictures, last one added on Jan 21, 2009

Zachary Ruden 2008

I am an aspiring artist attending Western Michigan University. I use computer technology to enhance and complete work based from physical mediums. From pencil drawings to three dimensional paintings I create a platform to support a finished piece.

1 pictures, last one added on Dec 22, 2008

Fred Marinello 2008

Art Educator: Has received awards from Committee of Excellence in Higher Education, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD); The White House Commission On Presidential Scholars, "Distinguished Teacher"; National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, and Arts Recognition and Talent Search. Public School & Idyllwild Arts Summer Program instructor. Numerous exhibitions in the USA and abroad.

1 pictures, last one added on Jan 06, 2009

Teresa Majerus 2008

Teresa’s way to the artistic cognition was a complex process, guided by her passion of gaining knowledge and understanding the world. This has resulted from one hand in her PhD in Nature Science received from the Düsseldorf University, from the other hand in growing love for art. She mainly paints with acrylics, where quick decision making is needed, but also enjoy watercolors. Her art teachers were Manuel Aguilar (oil), Iva Mrazkova (watercolors) and Ivana Cekovic (history of art). Teresa’s artworks mostly start with discovering or rediscovering nature. If it is to use a brush or a painting knife, acrylic or watercolor, it is always the subject that defines styles and techniques of her work. Every time she paints, her goal is to stimulate the emotion of the viewer. The process of creating pictures is endlessly fascinating to her. Every person who enjoys her work is a reword to her efforts.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 06, 2009

Bjoern Daempfling 2008

Dr. Björn Dämpfling grew up in Northern Germany, he lives and works since 1969 in Berlin/Germany. 1983/4 and 1987-91 he lived in the USA. Spending 2/3 of his time on science, one third on art and for the last ten years now, art is his published main profession, since then numerous Exhibitions worldwide, for example in London, New York and Beijing. Identifiable but unpredictable, even for him self, no “style” but the hunt for really new images all the time with every new image having to prove the core value of creativity for him: freedom of creation, newness, and being recognizable at the same time, based on complexity and quality of composition. The mainly digital production technique of his art removes borders between media, combines for example drawing on paper with digital drawing. Or he uses photography, in a pure manner as well as a basis for further digital alterations, for example in NanoArt.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 06, 2009

Lisa Black 2008

Lisa Black received a degree from the University of Michigan in Art History and French and received a Diploma from the Sorbonne in French Civilization. It was while she was in France that she saw her first Picasso Exhibition. From that time on she wanted to be a painter herself . Fortunately she has been able to do that for many years experimenting in many media, exploring digital images, printmaking, watercolors, acrylics and more....winning many awards along the way. Her purpose is to create art that is colorful, strong, expressionistic and individualistic. She was delighted to receive an invitation from Cris Orfescu to join the world of NanoArt. This is her third year of participating in the contest. She took part in the exhibitions in Kotka, Finland and Stuttgart, Germany.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 21, 2009

Ursula Freer 2008

I have been a painter throughout my life. Fourteen years ago I started making art on the computer and now work that way exclusively. For me science and art are doorways to dimensions beyond everyday realities.
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science”, Albert Einstein.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 06, 2009

Steven Pollard 2008

Dr. Pollard is a psychologist practicing in Hilo since 1993. His art career started in 1964/65 when he studied art history in Paris France. After completing his BA in Psychology, he was admitted to the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Alabama in Studio Art and attended for several months. Due to the conflict in Viet Nam at the time, he was about to be drafted and dropped out of school and joined the USAF. He later completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology and has been practicing as a clinical psychologist since 1974 and painting from time to time. His work has always been abstract and in various mediums, including oils, acrylics, water colors, and more recently, digitized computer painting using Photoshop CS2 and Painter 9, painting on a Cintiq computer screen. He uses the rich depth of conflicting and convergent thoughts and emotions of therapy sessions to create abstract oil, acrylic, and water color paintings with deep vibrant colors and surprising shapes and a sense of wonder and fluid motion.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 12, 2009

Patrick Millard 2008

Patrick Millard is an artist who originates from the small Western Michigan town of Lamont and now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work in photography, painting, mixed media, sound and installation has resulted in a diversified portfolio that addresses ideas about media, culture, technology and the interactions that human beings have within their own synthetic environment. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and continues to gain recognition.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 12, 2009

Pilar Ruiz-Azuara 2008

Pilar was born in the Dominican Republic (1943). She is resident of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. She has a Doctorate in Sciences (Physics) from UNAM (1979) and also studied Art at the UABC Art School and House of Culture in Ensenada (2001-2008). Oil painting and Digital Art are her favorite media of expression. The relationships between human beings and their environment –physical, economical, social and/or political –and fractals are her most exciting themes. Her works have been exhibited in MEXICO, France, Germany, Denmark, U.S.A. and online in Nanoart 2007. She is a member of The Lady Between Lines Art Agency from 2007 and of the cybergroup “La emoción de pintar” from 2008.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 13, 2009

Anna Ursyn 2008

Anna Ursyn creates art, teaches and often gets inspiration from her conference related work. She explores the dynamic factor of line. Processes in nature and events in technology inspire her images.

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 14, 2009

Judith LightFeather 2008

Judith Light Feather, President of The NanoTechnology Group is combining art and science for K12 students to stimulate curiosity and creativity in education. She is a lifetime member of The Portrait Institute, N.Y. the American Portrait Society, Georgia, and was Appointed U.S. Coast Guard Artist. Her paintings are in permanent collections at the Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC, Corpus Christi Museum, Texas, Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, TX, Angel Fire DAV Memorial, New Mexico, and the Texas Republican Headquarters, Austin, Tx along with private collections in the U.S. and Europe.

1 pictures, last one added on Jan 15, 2009

Janez Jelenc 2008

I am student of physics working at Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. My work here involves studying the properties of nanoparticles with combined AFM/STM tuneling microscope and within incidentally I sometimes get a kind of interesting image like those I sent to this event.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 15, 2009

Leonel Marques 2008

I am a PhD student in the School of Pharmacy, (Nottingham University, UK) developing nanoarrays to be addressed by super-resolutions techniques. The production of modified nanoparticles incorporating photoswitchable dyes and polymeric films are place together to create new nanosensors. I view most of my samples using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) techniques, my second eyes to explore the nanoworld. My interest in designing and generating new nanodevices is my goal at the moment. Besides of my passion for Nanotechnology, Art has always played a huge role in my life; even before knowing what science was. As a kid I always remember to take some paper and pencils with me to draw wherever I can. I keep drawing times a time, black ink drawings, oil paintings, and I also participate with others collaborators in a local fanzine back home. When I discovered science I was quite divided in which path to follow in my future. I choose Science due to my high curiosity in understanding things, but always kept Art near by…

5 pictures, last one added on Jan 15, 2009

Jack Mason 2008

Jack Mason has been creating his "nanographs" since 2002. As a journalist covering the commercialization of nanotech for Small Times, Technology Review, the Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report and others, he became fascinated with the scientific images that were part of the stories he was reporting. Now with IBM's consulting unit, Global Business Services, Jack is continuing to explore and explain innovation frontiers such as IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which is focused on building the intelligent infrastructure for a new energy grid, electronic health data and patient records, and the "new intelligence" for business analytics, forecasting and modeling.

3 pictures, last one added on Jan 16, 2009

Aruna D 2008

I am 20 years old,a final year B.Tech biotechnology student of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Art has been my passion since childhood. Whenever I see a diagram or microscopic structures in books or even a patch on the wall, I used to see a world beyond the strokes and lines and the colours. A world which only I could see which communicates a lot of things. Thanks to NanoArt for giving me an oppurtunity to express that fantasy world and turn it into artwork so that everyone else can enjoy what only I saw before. This fusion of art and science is great. As a nature lover, I would like to express my concern for the welfare of the earth as a whole. I make sure I have a theme in most of my artworks that people should not only enjoy but also think upon. I believe art is the most understandable and effective form of communicating things to people without par and it could me made use of efficiently through NanoArt like platforms.

2 pictures, last one added on Jan 16, 2009

Dorothea Fleiss 2008

Fine Arts Teaching: 2008 - Visiting Professor, IB Euro-Caucasian University Tbilisi, Georgia; Lecturer IB University Berlin, Germany; Guest Professor, Hulunbeier College, Inner Mongolia; 2007 - Lecturer- Facultad des Artes- Universitad de Cuenca (UNIVERSITY CUENCA) Ecuador; Lecturer, IB- University -Medizinische Akademie Stuttgart, Germany; 2006 - Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Calw, Germany; Lecturer, Ludwig Art Academy Kendlimajor, Hungary; Associate Professor, University of Harbin, China; 2005 - Associate Professor, University of Oradea, Romania; 2004 - Guest Lecturer, Boston College Fine Arts Department and Northeastern University's Department of Visual Studios (with a visit to MIT's Office of the Arts); Guest Professor College of fine Art, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China; 2003 - Guestprofessor Inner Mongolian Normal University, Art. Dep. Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, China.
More than 60 of Personal Exhibitions since 1996. Participation on more than 180 group exhibition since 1996. Works in private and public collections in South America, North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europa.

2 pictures, last one added on Jan 21, 2009

Phebus 2008

Philippe Dubois (born in Lobbes on 4 November 1958) is a Belgian painter. He signs his work under the pseudonym “Phébus”. He started painting at the age of 30. In October 1989 he exposed his first paintings in the National Saloon of the SNCB-NMBS, the Belgian railway company, where he won the first price of the public with a marine (sailboat). During several years he studied the art of painting and drawing in Thudinie with Ben Genaux (Leers-et-Fosteau) and the Georges Dubuisson (surrealistic painter, La Buissière - Merbes-le-Château). Between 1989 en 1990 he spent a lot of time in Amsterdam, studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh. In the nineties his work evolved to more abstract art. In December 1998 he exposed his abstract work for the first time in the Musée de la Porte of Tubize (Belgium). After living 35 years in the village Fontaine-Valmont (Hainaut), Philippe Dubois currently lives and works in Brussels.

1 pictures, last one added on Jan 26, 2009

Camilla Fanning 2008

I work in a small studio near the Dublin mountains situated in an open farm and arts centre where I am a member of the
Couryard Printmakers. I work in etching using both aluminuim and copper plates, with drypoint, hard and soft ground, aquatint, sugar lift and spitbit techniques. My main theme is the Irish landscape, as it forms part of the collective memory. I studied in the National College of Art in Dublin, then workshops in Berlin and New York, and
have worked in London and Milan. I have exhibited in print exhibitions and in curated open submission exhibitions in Dublin, am an Arts Council Award recipient and member of Visual Artists Ireland, the professional body for artists in Ireland.

1 pictures, last one added on Feb 05, 2009

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